The Right Way to get a Facial

The Right Way to do a Facial
Many of our clients at our salons ask if they can buy our products and do their facials at home. We usually advise them to get it done at the spa due to many reasons. Estheticians go thru extensive training for facials and the techniques cannot be duplicated on self because when someone else gives you a facial, their hand movements are different than that of someone doing their own facial. Facials are supposed to be a relaxing experience and that level of relaxation cannot be achieved by at home facials unless you have been doing it for years. The face has many areas that need special movements such as circular, back and forth etc. I personally believe in getting a facial at a spa rather than doing it at home because as our clients say that “the best 45 minute facial ever”. Some of them go to sleep for the whole process and wake up after their facials feeling refreshed and glowing.

There are four steps for our facials. First comes the cleansing, and scrub, then comes the massage cream and finally the face mask.

The cleansing lotion or gel removes dirt, oil and other impurities from the skin while gently softening the skin for the scrubbing process. The scrub cream or scrub gel gently exfoliates the skin making it cleaner, removing the black and whiteheads from your skin. The massage cream makes the skin soft and smooth and penetrates the herbs deep into your skin. The face mask tightens the skin and leaves it looking younger and gives a natural glow.

A good facial session should last 45 minutes. 7-8 minutes of cleansing, 7-8 minutes for scrubbing, 10 minutes for massaging the face and neck, and finally face mask for 15-20 minutes or until it dries out.

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