Almond Facial Kit

Almond Facial Kit

This almond facial has a perfect combination for anti oxidization of the skin. It is enriched with powerful almond oil and botanical extracts. It helps to nourish skin to improve the texture and moisture level of the skin. Complexion is radiant and sheen on dark, sun-burn, rough and patched skin for fairness and extra glow. This product is for all types of skin.

4 x 200 Grams (7 Oz)

Cleansing Gel

Scrub Pack

Massage Cream

Face Pack

800 Grams (14 Oz)



This article is to help our salon clients to answer the most common questions about our facial kits. This includes step by step instructions on how to do facials. Most of our facial kits have 4 basic steps. Depending on the duration of the facial the esthetician will decide how long each step should be. A 45 minute facial has been broken down into 4 sessions, 7 1/2 minutes of cleansing, 7 1/2 minutes of Scrub, 10 minutes of Massage and the last step is the face mask.

Step 1

Cleanser- Use the Cleansing cream or gel for 7 1/2 minutes on the face and neck area. Wipe clean the areas with a disinfected sponge or towel.

Step 2

Scrub- Use the scrub to remove dirt, dead skin cells and other impurities from the face and neck for 7 1/2 minutes. Wipe clean the areas with a disinfected sponge or towel.

Step 3

Massage- Use the massage cream for activating the glands and increase blood flow to the skin for 10 minutes. Wipe clean the areas with a disinfected sponge or towel.

Step 4

Face Mask- The face mask is the final step to getting a softer, cleaner and younger looking skin. Typically, the face mask is applied to the skin for 20 minutes or until dry. Wipe clean the areas with a disinfected sponge or towel.

The turmeric facial only has 3 steps as it was developed for clients with cystic acne. Cystic acne gets popped and can infect other areas of the skin. We do not recommend scrubbing the client’s skin with any product if they have cystic acne problem.

We hope this helps all of our salon clients with any questions they might have about our facial kits. We are here to help if you have any other questions. Please feel free to email us or contact us thru our contact page and someone from our team will be happy to assist you.

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